Forest technology to take on the climate crisis

Scaling up carbon capture for a liveable planet

Forests absorb carbon

Native forest ecosystems are the most efficient carbon capture machines on the planet.

Fresh water is the key

New solar desalination technology can restore forests on desertified land.

Scalable carbon capture

The Earth has enough land, water, and solar power potential to sustain all the forests we need.

Massive global reforestation will help stabilize our climate

Reforesting 3 billion acres of degraded lands could draw down decades of past emissions.

Starting now

Reforestation is the most affordable, scalable carbon capture solution. Become part of the solution with us.
The Plan

We need massive global reforestation to stabilize our climate

Native forests are the most efficient carbon capture machines on Earth.

Get Started

Technology to accelerate reforestation
We support the full lifecycle of forestation projects — from seed collection, seed banking, in-nursery plant propagation, in-field planting, to post-planting monitoring.
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Seed Banking

Solar powered containers to collect, analyze, dry and refrigerate seeds anywhere in the world.
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Tree nursery

Durable pop-up plant nurseries with everything needed to germinate and propagate seedlings.
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Water desalination

Generate freshwater from coastal or brackish water sources.
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Off-grid power

Steady power, around the clock, anywhere in the world that receives direct sunlight.