Massively scaling up carbon capture through forest restoration

Forests are the most efficient carbon capture machines on Earth. Terraformation empowers people around the globe with the tools, knowledge, and resources to restore our planet's degraded ecosystems and stabilize our climate. 

Our Services

We offer forest technology that turns degraded lands into sustainable ecosystems. We support the full lifecycle of forestation projects.

Behind the forest
Founder and CEO
Self-funded R&D to demonstrate off-grid, solar powered desalination makes dry forests possible on previously-unusable land with little natural rainfall. Ex-engineer at PayPal, Facebook. Ex-CEO Reddit.
Head of Forestry
Forester, horticulturist and land use specialist. Director of the Hawai`i Island Seed Bank. Founder of Future Forests Nursery.
Head of Site Engineering
Leads construction and deployment of on-site Forest Technology. ex-VP Engineering at Matterport. Early project and engineering manager at PayPal, eBay.
Head of Research and Software
As passionate about clean code as he is about growing forests. PhD in Applied Math. Executive and research scientist at security, AI, and music companies.
Head of Operations
Coach, project manager, engineer, and force multiplier. Leads corporate operations and ensures even our most complex projects land smoothly.
Head of Marketing, Product & Design
Serial entrepreneur, engineer, and product designer. ex-Facebook, Google, TaskRabbit, and Skype. Early product manager at PayPal. Loves trees.
Our Forestry Team
Head of Forestry
Forester, horticulturist and land use specialist. Director of the Hawai`i Island Seed Bank. Founder of Future Forests Nursery.
Head of Seed Banking
Seed banker, ecologist, and biodiversity protector. Botany PhD. Founder/Co-Chair of IUCN Seed Conservation Specialist Group. He haumana mau loa o ka ʻāina.
Restoration Manager
Landscape planning engineer. Tree planter. Carbon counter. Founder of CarbonBuddy.
Nursery Operations Lead
Jack-of-all-trades. Builder. Seed collector. Soil grower. Former apple farmer.
Forestry Partnerships
Passionate about community collaboration to restore Mother Earth. Botany PhD. Countryside wanderer. Former Pacific Regional Coordinator for the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership.
Forestry Partnerships
Botanist, arborist, and conservationist. Passionate about rare plants. Former International Institute of Tropical Forestry botanist, Director of Puerto Rico's Doña Inés Park.
Soil Scientist
Site restoration assessor. Ensures the right species land in the right conditions. Soil science PhD. Trumpeter and pianist. Former US Geological Survey and Natural Resource Conservation Service.
Restoration Technician
Tenacious tree planter. Field & irrigation systems technician. GIS field data collection. Mulching, mycelium, microscopy & macro photography enthusiast. Piano composer. Traveler.


We're sending Aloha 🤙🏼 from Hawai'i and six other timezones around the world. All of us are working hard on growing forests while staying safe from COVID. We hope all of you are staying safe, too!