at Pacific Flight

Pacific Flight dry forestry site

Terraformation is planting new forest at the Pacific Flight site on the northern Kohala peninsula of Hawai’i. This barren site has not supported forest growth for over a century.

The Pacific Flight site has a large solar powered desalination facility and water catchment system that allows us to implement our forestry plan. With fresh water from the desalination station, we can irrigate the out-plants and establish the foundation of a new forest, the Acacia koaia tree, and the shrub, Dodonaea viscosa.

As the new forest has begun to take root, we have observed that the site has a seed bank in the soil and native species like Sida fallax and Jacquemontia ovafolia appear naturally.

Pacific Flight also houses seed collections for the Hawai’i Island Seed Bank.

Services Provided

Off-Grid Solar and Water Desalination

Terraformation built the largest off-grid 100% solar powered saltwater desalination facility in the world at Pacific Flight.

Seed Banking and Plant Propagation

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